Why People Become ‘Swingers’?

Nobody knows exactly when the swinger’s community started, but as far as my research finds, swinging reached its peak after the sexual revolution of the 1960s. “Oh, these kinky hippies!” you might think.

As I discovered, swinging was popular among those with money and influence, but nowadays,  it is just about anyone interested in an open relationship with their partner.

Yet, it seems the lifestyle itself, is still very secretive, despite the fact that you can find clubs and events on the internet.

How do people get involved in swinging?  What pushes them to try it?
 Does it happen due to boring sexual routines with their partner?
 Are they looking for adrenaline rush?  Maybe, they are testing their sexual limits (what makes them feel safe/comfortable)?

Or, perhaps it’s simply just a curiosity. I spoke with Tatiana, an active member of the swinging community to get a little glimpse into this secretive lifestyle.

JM:  Could you tell us about your first time and what inspired you to try it out?


JM:  How long have you been an active swing member?

TATIANA:    It’s been a  little over 4 years since my first experience.

JM: How did you get involved in swinging?

TATIANA: My ex-boyfriend is a swinger. On our first date, he told me about it and I got interested. My first time was with my ex.

JM:  Did you do any research before you started?

TATIANA:  No!  I went all head in because I trusted my boyfriend.

JM:  What were your fears? When did you decide it’s time for the adventure?

TATIANA:  I was thinking that I’ll have to fuck everybody and that I”d  be attacked by horny men, but, that was not the case.

I was curious and willing to see what happens at a swingers’ party.   My ex-boyfriend asked me if I wanted to join him at an upcoming party and of course, I agreed……